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Lineage, part 2

September 28, 2009

Fast-forward to not too long til 2012:  Here’s how a few of us did it just the other day.  We’d been to a sacred pool on holy ground in up-state New York — Menla Center, not too far from Woodstock — ground zero for, well, something.  The Dalai Lama said a powerful Naga — a mother-dragon spirit — guards sacred dharma deep below the pool.  And each day while he was in this place he would put milk on an altar to please and honor the Naga. And the altar was next to the pool where we the initiates had gathered.

We met at the sacred water portal to the Naga’s realm for a purpose: we were saying our ritual farewells to the outside world for a few hours. And when we had expressed our gratitude to the Naga and honored her sacred ground, we said our goodbyes and entered our temple, our Holy of Holies, our own hall of mystery — just like seekers have been doing forever.

And there, in the silence and the dark, we lay down, and opened ourselves to the great healing spirit that dwells in each of us.  Our altar?  A shining silver screen.  Our torch?  Some kind of white light shimming on that screen.  Music was in the air. Images and shadow danced in the light: first scenes of a timeless epic tale.  Gone — left behind — was the pool, the sun, the outside world.  There in the dark, we gave ourselves to electric, high-tech magic — a new sutra of the eternal mystery.

At first, we let the tale take us. We witnessed the ancient drama — one that held the countless stories of every human adventure ever lived.  But then we got to feel the real miracle: We ceased to be mere witnesses of this world drama. Instead we ourselves became the players on the screen.  There, in shimmering light and color, we each, in the manner of our own unique experiences, found our own epic journey being played out, frame by frame.  We were one with the screen, the story, the light and the sound, and the gods and goddesses on the screen.

Death put in an appearance too: We died to our belief that we powerless separate puppets on a stage of somebody else’s caprice. We were individual yet one — players in a cosmic drama with absolutely vast and mysterious significance.  And rebirth showed up too, just like she has for seekers in mysteries all across the earth since time began.  We connected up with every adventurer who ever searched for meaning in this cosmos.  We got filled with universal dreams, desires, passions, and longings.  We danced across the silver screen toward a wholeness we knew now, once and for all, was real, and was our birthright.  We were one.  We became our true selves. We were doing Movie Yoga. 

But, you know what?  We don’t have to go Menla, or any of the world’s traditional sacred sites, to experience the great Mysteries.  We can, if we want, and it’s special, no doubt.  But what we could do, though, on any given afternoon or evening, or morning, for that matter, is sit up on the sofa, put in a dvd, and take the ride.  Or if that sounds too easy, head down to the local multiplex, and enter the temple there.  They’re on just about every corner these days.

Either place is sacred ground, if we choose to make it so.  All we got to do is wake up, pay attention.  And there, on the silver screen, is our chance to grow, to change, and be fulfilled.  Movie magic.  Movie yoga.  A way to turn the thing you love doing anyway — watching movies — into an opportunity to change your life forever in some profound and beautiful way.  Look at it like this: Now playing at your local cinema and in your living room: the World’s Great Mysteries! Starring you.  Check it out.